Casting since 1977

Since the foundation in 1977, a programme of continuous technical development and financial investment has established Norse Precision Castings Ltd as a principal UK supplier of aluminium sand castings and rigid polyurethane mouldings, with an enviable reputation for quality of service and product.


Aluminium offers an excellent strength to weight ratio, good electrical and thermal properties with the fluidity to form complex three dimensional patterns to near net shape. Sand casting is an economic process for manufacturing small to medium volume parts, which enables the designer to realise ambitions of shape and finish, faithfully reproducing fine detail.

Rigid Polyurethane

Today's design engineers have a wide choice of materials at their disposal, and an ever increasing range of plastics. Compact rigid polyurethane compares favourably with most, and with the ability to be moulded at room temperature, offers some unique benefits.


Norse provide high quality aluminium sand casting, specialising in complex shapes and pattern making.


Norse Precision Castings are specialists at producing rigid polyurethane castings, creating highly detailed, accurate and strong casts.


At Norse, quality assurance is extremely important. We take pride in having an onsite post-casting quality control team.